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Welcome to Elide by Wildflowers

Soulful Nurturing

Simply from Nature



What distinguishes Elderberry Syrup from Elderberry Tonic?

When you purchase elderberry syrups from local drug stores, you'll notice that their consistency resembles traditional cough medicine—thicker than honey. However, our products are free from synthetic sweeteners or fillers, resulting in our Elderberry Tonic having a more juice-like consistency.


We decided to remove the term "syrup" from the name to avoid any assumptions of it being a thick and sticky substance. Instead, we believe that using "tonic" in the name better reflects the purpose of our product.


Throughout history, tonics have been formulated to enhance overall health, encompassing physical, mental, and emotional well-being. By consuming our Elderberry Tonic, you initiate support for your long-term wellness, building a solid foundation for your health.



The term "Elide" originated by combining the names of my daughters, Elina and Eden, who serve as the driving force behind my entire business.


Every ingredient utilized in our recipes undergoes extensive research and testing to ensure the final product is not only safe and effective for children, but also enjoyable for them to consume.


Interestingly, the term "elide" also coincidentally signifies "to leave out of consideration or to omit," which aligns with the core focus of each and every product I create. I guarantee the utilization of only the finest, organic, and locally-sourced ingredients in my recipe formulations. Synthetic ingredients of any kind, including fillers, sweeteners, colors, dyes, thickeners, and more, will never be contemplated for our product line and will always be excluded.

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