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I'm an individual with a plethora of passions and, indeed, multiple degrees, who had yet to discover a job that fulfilled my innate calling in life while providing a livelihood. My holistic lifestyle commenced over a decade ago following the loss of two close relatives to cancer, a job on a cattle ranch, plenty of collegiate courses, and several different jobs.   

These experiences prompted me to reflect on why, as Americans living in a country with remarkable medical advancements, we face such widespread illness. It took me a few years, but I eventually realized that the extent of medical progress matters little if we neglect to care for our entire bodies from the start. It became evident that a significant portion of our way of life revolves around addressing symptoms superficially rather than treating the body as a holistic entity. Just as we can't simply treat the leaves of a houseplant when they wither and change color, but must attend to the roots and soil in which it resides, the same principle applies to the human body.

Fast forward a few years to the moment I discovered I was expecting my first child, and my alternative lifestyle propelled forward with unwavering determination. I devoured books, joined groups, took classes, and sought wisdom from experienced mothers and like-minded people. I regarded the task of nurturing another life within me with the utmost seriousness. It didn't take long for me to uncover the distressing production and marketing methods behind many of our everyday household items, foods, and wellness products.

I firmly believe that Mother Earth has the potential to fulfill all our fundamental requirements for optimal well-being. I pursued studies in Holistic Nutrition Therapy and herbalism and also became a doula. My love for formulating and cooking came in quite handy as I started crafting my own products, including baby food and remedies for illness, among others. I embraced a long-term perspective, considering how my actions today would impact the lives of my children and myself tomorrow, in 5, 10, or even 20 years.

Now, as a mother of three young daughters, they are my "why." They are the reason I pursue my passions, strive to lead by example, meticulously select clean and organic foods and products, and pledge to offer only effective, natural, and healthy products. As a mother, I assure you that every recipe I formulate is created with the best interests of not only MY own children but also YOUR family at heart.

I am grateful for the closed doors that guided me to where I stand today. Owning a small business is a challenging endeavor. It requires wearing numerous hats that you never knew existed. It involves working late into the night amidst feeding sessions and household chores. It entails a lot of trial and error, figuring things out as you go.


Wildflowers Wellness LLC is a licensed and insured business. I take pride in sourcing each ingredient for our products as locally as possible. Furthermore, every small batch is produced in a commercial co-packing facility, and I am delighted to customize any order to accommodate allergies or contraindications.

Beyond the realm of running a business, my family and I cherish spending time outdoors, engaging with family, foraging, swimming, reading, hiking, exploring new culinary experiences, camping, traveling, indulging in music, and having impromptu living-room dance parties.

We extend our gratitude to our customers for their support and eagerly anticipate the launch of our new products!

Elide Family
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